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The Idea for #GeeksOnABoat


Last week on twitter I raised again the idea with Ángel Medinilla (@angel_m), we had already chatted before – why not doing a sailing trip in combination with Agile? Ángel immediately started motivation mode – said YES, entered innovation mode and said “#GeeksOnABoat”. At the same time he got two other agile sailors on board – @CarlosTheSailor and @abarrera.   What do we envisage with #GeeksOnABoat? Well, we thought about renting a sailing boat (Ángel even owns one, which is located in the South of … Continue reading

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Anonymous Poll about Certificates in Agile

Various certification programs are already available for Agile. More keep emerging from organizations, who also see a need for their own stake. While deep technical knowledge, project experience and communication skills are even more important in Agile, there is a clear preference on cross-functional organizations instead of expert heroes and functional silos. Therefore I wonder, to which extent these Agile certificate programs contribute to good eduction, which is needed on team level, or rather keep the anti-pattern of individual super-heroes alive. I would like to … Continue reading

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Is there a Purpose of Agile Certificates?

2011 – Agile has become Reality Ten years after the agile manifesto, bringing a couple of experts and methods together, which had already worked successfully a couple of years, some sort of reunion will take place at the Agile 2011 conference. Looking back ten years Agile obviously has grown up since then. Large organizations are utilizing Scrum, XP and others within their set of standard methodologies – whether for own projects or as consultants to other organizations. We are not only talking about agile guerilla … Continue reading

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