My five cent for the Stoos Gathering 2012

On Jannuary 6th and 7th a group of 20+ authors, thinkers and practitioners on new management approaches meet in Stoos Switzerland. They will discuss how management might make its way adapting to changing environments (see also here: Some input here from my side, as I am not sure, if I can make my input for this valueable discussion in 100 words (as per Jurgen Appelo’s invitation). But I will try with as few as possible. So this goes out to the organizers of the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2012! What great Potentials ahead!


Resources for your future come from your past and from your inside  Preparing for New Years Eve is always a good time for taking a relaxed view on what has happened during the past weeks and months. What could you achieve? Which changes could you recognize for you and your direct environment? Which influences were the most important for your current and future situation? What about your resources, you could engage, increase, enrich? What are your learnings, insights and what opportunities does your personal “new … Continue reading

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The legend of hyper-performing teams


Today my friend Thomas Spielhofer and myself published a post about the question, whether there is any evidence for hyper-performing teams due to their utilization of agile methods. Can an agile team expect any verifiable increase in productivity? The original post you find at the platform for agile managament (PAM).

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Voices from #ALE2011

ALE2011 – the first unconference of the pan-European ALE network is part of a great history of milestones within the agile & lean movement – this amazing event took place in Berlin from 7th until 9th of September 2011. Not only the whole organization by volunteers across Europe, but also offered formats, the program and last but not least the partipants contributed to an outstanding milestone for the European Agile & Lean communities. The amazing shower of positive feedback tweets right after #ale2011 underlined the … Continue reading

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ALE2011 Unconference: Raise your voice

The ALE2011 Unconference, the first big event of Agile Lean Europe, is rapidly approaching. On September 7th Berlin will see the startup of this gathering of people from various European countries, sharing, talking and working on any kind of Agile & Lean topics you might think about (see detailed content at: ALE2011 is new in terms of it’s coverage – it’s not another conference possibly competing with any kind of existing XP-days, community events or other local happening. It’s part of a new experts … Continue reading

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Anonymous Poll about Certificates in Agile

Various certification programs are already available for Agile. More keep emerging from organizations, who also see a need for their own stake. While deep technical knowledge, project experience and communication skills are even more important in Agile, there is a clear preference on cross-functional organizations instead of expert heroes and functional silos. Therefore I wonder, to which extent these Agile certificate programs contribute to good eduction, which is needed on team level, or rather keep the anti-pattern of individual super-heroes alive. I would like to … Continue reading

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Is there a Purpose of Agile Certificates?

2011 – Agile has become Reality Ten years after the agile manifesto, bringing a couple of experts and methods together, which had already worked successfully a couple of years, some sort of reunion will take place at the Agile 2011 conference. Looking back ten years Agile obviously has grown up since then. Large organizations are utilizing Scrum, XP and others within their set of standard methodologies – whether for own projects or as consultants to other organizations. We are not only talking about agile guerilla … Continue reading

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ALE – What makes the difference?

There are already quite a few organizations, bodies and communities out there in the field, committed and working on Agile. However there is a new one in place – ALE = Agile Lean Europe. ALE has a vision, it has more than 1000 interested and many many committed people allover Europe and since it’s creation some weeks ago it already has lot’s of acitivity ongoing. But even more than this … ALE is different … So what’s the difference with ALE as we know it? No … Continue reading

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Agile Lean Europe – Why ALE might matter to you!

I joined the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network early this year, when it was founded. And I am excited being involved with it’s current growing by means of it’s first event (ALE 2011) and supporting it’s spreading in my regional environment (community, customers, research). The ALE-story is evolving and it’s worthwhile staying tuned or even coming on board. Let’s go for Agile Ten years after the foundation of the agile manifesto, “Agile” seems to have reached some sort of establishment, maybe even hype. Many success … Continue reading

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ALE and ALE 2011 – A new Pan-European Network

A new and very exciting network of professionals and experts was born in May 2011. Following an initiative by Jurgen Appelo more than 1000 interested people followed his idea on LinkedIn to support a network of experts in agile & lean IT practices. Vital discussion lead to the decision upon a name  – ALE = Agile Lean Europe. There was the idea of having a more focused platform in Europe besides the well-known for agile in the US such as Scrum Alliance or Agile Alliance. … Continue reading

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