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Software Testing as an Industry is an Anti-Pattern

I have been working in the software industry for more than 25 years now. And I am happy to see an increasing integration of the individual disciplines of requirements analysis, implementation, testing and delivery over the last few years. This is probably due to a higher sensitivity of markets for good quality products. With the age of the Internet, social media, the cloud, mobile and more people can faster choose the right service or simply change to what gives a better fit to their needs. … Continue reading

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Agile Coach Camp Austria 2014

It has been long on my mind (probably since 2 years), but this year its time to make it happen: the first Agile Coach Camp in Austria. Together with my friends Veronika Kotrba and Ralph Miarka we settled an organizer team and are on our way with preparations. For a camp we have special location requirements, where we are currently in the process of checking alternatives. We hope to address many Austrian fellows, but likewise many coaches from other countries. The more people from different … Continue reading

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Considering Real Options on my Way to the Airport

So we planned going to #p4a13 this weekend. Made a plan. Wanted to spend the evening before departure with my family in Graz, about 190 km away from the airport in Vienna. My  flight would be around 9am in the morning. Plenty of time to have a relaxed coffee in the morning. Everything prepared the evening before, I planned to leave with some buffer. How relaxed such a plan felt. Well I had to spend some time to fix it. Where to park the car … Continue reading

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Study on “The Agile Coach”

Few books and many articles have been written about the role of the Agile Coach. Searching job roles on LinkedIn would result in more than 1200 people currently using the term ‘Agile Coach’ in their job role. In addition more than 800 people on LinkedIn once had used the job role ‘Agile Coach’ (whatever made them change).


However, besides the few books, is it clear, what the role – maybe the profession – of the Agile Coach is about? (more to follow, no bias intended here … :-) )

The Study – it needs You

I am running a study on this and I am looking for interview partners, who are currently holding the role of an Agile Coach. If you are interested, please drop me an email or a tweet, or just leave your comment here. Looking forward talking to you.

Thanks very much!

PS: of course the study participants will be treated totally anonymously (except you want to be published) and receive comprehensive results exclusively.

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The Idea for #GeeksOnABoat


Last week on twitter I raised again the idea with Ángel Medinilla (@angel_m), we had already chatted before – why not doing a sailing trip in combination with Agile? Ángel immediately started motivation mode – said YES, entered innovation mode and said “#GeeksOnABoat”. At the same time he got two other agile sailors on board – @CarlosTheSailor and @abarrera.   What do we envisage with #GeeksOnABoat? Well, we thought about renting a sailing boat (Ángel even owns one, which is located in the South of … Continue reading

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The Stoos Gathering: You don’t have to wait for the change

Stoos Gathering about Change on Management and Organizational Level The Stoos Gathering, which took place on 6th and 7th of Jan 2012 somewhere in the Swiss alps, raised a lot of attention on twitter (#stoos) during and right after the event. A group of 20+ people (referenced by Jurgen Appelo as “idea farmers”, a term I love) came together to discuss approaches of how to catalyze organizational transformation – transformation towards something like “better” working places and business relations. Together with (obviously) many others I … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2012! What great Potentials ahead!


Resources for your future come from your past and from your inside  Preparing for New Years Eve is always a good time for taking a relaxed view on what has happened during the past weeks and months. What could you achieve? Which changes could you recognize for you and your direct environment? Which influences were the most important for your current and future situation? What about your resources, you could engage, increase, enrich? What are your learnings, insights and what opportunities does your personal “new … Continue reading

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