Agile Leadership

Agile leadership is key for organizations, who want to turn their operations into highly adaptive, collaborative and innovative ways of working. I am running Jurgen Appelo’s training on Management 3.0 with public courses as well as inhouse courses on demand. For details on content and schedule please click here. If you haven’t read it yet, each participant gets a copy of Jurgen’s related book Management 3.0. This seminar provides a deep-dive on the agenda of agile leaders, who want to learn, how to grow a vivid ecosphere for their organizations, operating in complex environments. Participants learn, share and reflect together with peers for preparing their own way as agile leaders.

Currently I am translating Jurgen Appelo’s booklet How to Change the World into German. Stay tuned for availability in the Q4 timeframe of 2012. All participants of my course also receive a handout of the German version.

Much of the content is driven by Jurgen’s own experiences as a change agent, by his former publication, by his trainings and also by his contribution to the Agile Lean Europe network, which I am also happy to contribute to as good as it gets.

Change is at the heart of today’s society, whether in business or private life. And its happening at ever increasing speed, not stopping anywhere, but leading to new options we even can’t even imagine over the longer term. Much of what we would love to plan ahead as in the old days is out of any planning scope. We simply have to admit the higher probability for unknown unknowns. But we don’t have to stay in passive mode.

By recognizing the complexity of our environment and by adapting our behaviour together with a different understanding of our organizations, we can utilize complexity. This not only improves our chances for survival, but even supports brand-new options towards new emerging and fruitful results. If we learn to become change agents we can surf upon the waves of our future as it emerges.

If you want to become a change agent, come around and attend a Management 3.0 course too, take a look into How to Change the World, have a try on complexity and systems thinking.

Apropos Change Agent: I am currently steering the establishment of a Vienna satellite for the Stoos network – a network of change agents. Stay tuned and join (check groups for Vienna via, if you are interested in nowaday’s organizational challenges, interested in better ways of how to organize teams and work around complex circumstances, interested in becoming a change agent yourself or simply if you want to share or learn.


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