Agile Coach Camp Austria 2014

It has been long on my mind (probably since 2 years), but this year its time to make it happen: the first Agile Coach Camp in Austria. Together with my friends Veronika Kotrba and Ralph Miarka we settled an organizer team and are on our way with preparations. For a camp we have special location requirements, where we are currently in the process of checking alternatives.

We hope to address many Austrian fellows, but likewise many coaches from other countries. The more people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and knowledge, the higher the diversity of the camp. Personally I’d be happy not only seeing Agile Coaches, but anybody else, who works with people, with organizational change or is about to build some totally new type of organization.

At the moment the details for the camp are still missing (we have two preliminary options for dates, one in June and one in September, no location yet), but rest assure, the event will be great. You may stay tuned, having a look at from time to time. Or just follow our twitter accounts.

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