Stoos – let’s reach out for Education

The Stoos movement keeps growing, spreading around the globe. New events and event formats have been launched, giving new – also well-known – protagonists an opportunity to raise their voice. A nice example was the recent Stoos Connect event, organized by Erwin van der Koogh. Great line-up of speakers, easy to access due to online broadcast, triggering collaboration due to innvolvement of Stoos satellites around the globe.

What Stoos tries to accomplish is change. Change, which has to start now. Its more than time to overcome management “technology”, which was invented more than 100 years ago, when our society was different. When it was not yet about empowerment of all people. When it was not about rich ideas, motivated people, environmental challenges.

Gary Hamel keeps talking about the urgent need for management innovation since quite a while. Our believes about management, as grown in the last century, doe not fit our present and future anymore. In order to innovate, to meet the challenges of our times, we have to rethink totally, habe to innovate how we run organizations ans businesses.

Now while we are talking and working with today’s organizations about better ways, it seems important to me considering, that at the same time new employees, young people, enthusiastic about their career opportunities, enter the firms each day. They learned their assumptions about business at universities and business schools. Young people’s attitudes have changed too. But what they learn about business is still pretty much the same old stuff, some sort of scientific management. They learn about hierarchies, functional specialization, strategies and long-term planning, marketing, finance and investment, about product production. Lots of management stuff. Some still required, some probably outdated. But they learn little to nothing about leadership, about the change for future, about new and better ways to collaborate, to innovate.

Hence, if we really want to get things moving, we should not forget about the education systems. Thats a real potential for leveraging change. Specifically we should address colleges, universities, business schools. Today’s managers will be gone tomorrow. But what is being taught in schools today, will be applied in companies tomorrow. What teachers believe, teach and publish influences generations of tomorrow’s managers. We need to liaise with our future, which is the students of today.

So lets get the business education community get involved with Stoos too. I want to have some sort of Stoos Education Connect touching business education around the world. Lets get again thought leaders on management innovation, professors, graduates, students on board. Let’s exchange with them, hear their visions, get the fire about change burning in education. Lets talk about learning, about new ways for organizations and work. There has to be a better way already for education.

Will you join or help for such an event?

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4 Responses to Stoos – let’s reach out for Education

  1. Michael,

    As I mentioned before, I would love to help. I have done Stoos Stampede and Stoos Connect and have some experience and contacts.
    I am getting married in May though so I won’t be able to take the lead on this until after. I am certainly able and would love to help and support.


  2. Dear Michael,

    Good suggestion as a first step, but we also need a step further.
    I mean: the way we teach children and students is not preparing them for the autonomy we want them to work from. It just teaches them to do what the teacher/school system requires, not less but also not more.

    Best regards,