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Considering Real Options on my Way to the Airport

So we planned going to #p4a13 this weekend. Made a plan. Wanted to spend the evening before departure with my family in Graz, about 190 km away from the airport in Vienna. My  flight would be around 9am in the morning. Plenty of time to have a relaxed coffee in the morning. Everything prepared the evening before, I planned to leave with some buffer. How relaxed such a plan felt. Well I had to spend some time to fix it. Where to park the car … Continue reading

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Agile Thinking for Students

Next week I’ll be starting a new university class on “Project Management”, I teach besides my day job and besides lectures on “Software Architecture and Design”, which I do for the winter term. Students are mainly technicians with different focus points, either pure informatics, geo or even business informatics. Part of the given scope is, that students have an option at the end of the lecture to do an IPMA level D certification. Well, what else? … Having the chance to work with students is a … Continue reading

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Stoos – let’s reach out for Education

The Stoos movement keeps growing, spreading around the globe. New events and event formats have been launched, giving new – also well-known – protagonists an opportunity to raise their voice. A nice example was the recent Stoos Connect event, organized by Erwin van der Koogh. Great line-up of speakers, easy to access due to online broadcast, triggering collaboration due to innvolvement of Stoos satellites around the globe. What Stoos tries to accomplish is change. Change, which has to start now. Its more than time to … Continue reading

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