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Study on “The Agile Coach”

Few books and many articles have been written about the role of the Agile Coach. Searching job roles on LinkedIn would result in more than 1200 people currently using the term ‘Agile Coach’ in their job role. In addition more than 800 people on LinkedIn once had used the job role ‘Agile Coach’ (whatever made them change).


However, besides the few books, is it clear, what the role – maybe the profession – of the Agile Coach is about? (more to follow, no bias intended here … :-) )

The Study – it needs You

I am running a study on this and I am looking for interview partners, who are currently holding the role of an Agile Coach. If you are interested, please drop me an email or a tweet, or just leave your comment here. Looking forward talking to you.

Thanks very much!

PS: of course the study participants will be treated totally anonymously (except you want to be published) and receive comprehensive results exclusively.

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