Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 – again also in Vienna

In December 2011 Corey Haines called for a Coderetreat, which should take place at the same date as as many as possible locations worldwide at the same time. And it became true – for more than 24 hours Coderetreats kept following the sun – the Global Day of Coderetreat was a huge success and big fun for all participants.

It was my pleasure together with friends, colleagues and sponsors to organize one of these worldwide events also in Vienna. This was the first public Coderetreat in the city and it was a great day of fun with lots of learnings made possible by a bunch of committed people.

In May 2012 my own company ANECON made it possible to host the second public Coderetreat in Vienna. This time even more participants showed up. And by doing a  legacy coderetreat, based upon existing code, while still being invited to drop your own code after each session, triggered very intense discussions and insights.

Now I am pretty much into Agile: I am coaching individuals, teams, whole organizations on Agile, possibly supporting agile transitions, giving trainings on Scrum, Kanban, Agile Testing (CAT) and Agile Leadership. But yes, there is still something often forgotten – which is the purest craftsmanship on software engineering. Bob Martin started highlighting this with his terms of the Clean Coder and Software Craftsman. To me this is the vital foundation, which all organizational and process oriented methods in Lean & Agile build upon. It is the mindset and the set of tools we have to apply in actually creating our software products. Without the respective mindset at the level of the engineers, I believe, any efforts on introducing Agile will rather end up in ‘going (some) Agile’ instead of ‘becoming Agile’ or even ‘being Agile’.

And the format of the Coderetreat is not only supporting the individual developer, but also the whole engineering movement on these topics. Therefore no real think time was required for me, when Corey Haines called for the second Global Day of Coderetreat, which will take place on 8th of December 2012. Once again we will participate from Vienna. We even consider combining it with a Test Automation Coderetreat in parallel at the same time and location.

And I even hope to see more participants and maybe a further chance, bringing the different movements together by means of some kind of “Softwerkskammer Vienna“. This all will only be possible by the people, who believe in the values, the purpose and the opportunities this movement brings along.

Hoping for your support and looking forward to meeting you at the Global Day of Coderetreat Vienna – 8.12.2012 – Software Craftsmanship Live.

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