The Idea for #GeeksOnABoat

Last week on twitter I raised again the idea with Ángel Medinilla (@angel_m), we had already chatted before – why not doing a sailing trip in combination with Agile? Ángel immediately started motivation mode – said YES, entered innovation mode and said “#GeeksOnABoat”. At the same time he got two other agile sailors on board – @CarlosTheSailor and @abarrera.

Palma de Mallorca


What do we envisage with #GeeksOnABoat?

Well, we thought about renting a sailing boat (Ángel even owns one, which is located in the South of Spain) – the four of us, plus finding some more 3-4 interested persons, joining the crew (at reasonable cost).

We thought about making it at least 3 days of a sailing trip combined with experiences about Agile – on the team play, on self-organization, while still having an obvious lead – the captain and on a common way in approaching a flavor of “trip targets” (sailing sometimes is not as direct as one might think), on the spirit of team reflection somewhere during and at the end of the day within a marvelous environment, maybe enriched with the one or other agile game.

We thought about trying this somewhere around ALE2012 (before or right after), where we could use the chance, starting off in the marina of Barcelona – with the chance of having 3-4 people out of the alenetwork joining the Agile #GeeksOnABoat crew.

What it is my personal vision behind?

I admit :), I am addicted to sailing and to the seaside. But there is much more. To me a sailing crew can be compared to a self-organizing team. There are clear boundaries: the sea, the weather, the boat and the captain. Still the team can achieve great performance, have incredible fun and can improve step by step.

The objectives – your destinations – are not always as easy reachable, as you might think. Therefore you will have a plan for directions, but just up to a point, where it makes sense. You will have to consider weather conditions. You will use the wind coming from certain directions and possibly make your way differently as initially planned. And you will take decisions about this and much more with the whole team – various cycles of inspection and adaption applied at different stages

In addition, the environment of the open sea and the great places you can go to, where you may have food and drinks, where only ships might get there, having a relaxed bath in the sea, enjoying live, is the perfect environment learning about leadership and team spirit.

What I hope we will achieve

I hope we will make it around ale2012 to have our first #GeeksOnABoat starting in Barcelona. I hope we will at least start our first trip in 2012. I hope we will be able to experience in a smaller environment something like people sometimes do at Agile Coachcamps (of course no real Open Space ;)) I hope we can bring this program to the destinations, where we usually sail. And I hope you will also soon be a team member for an Agile trip of the #GeeksOnABoat ;)

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