Happy New Year 2012! What great Potentials ahead!

Resources for your future come from your past and from your inside

 Preparing for New Years Eve is always a good time for taking a relaxed view on what has happened during the past weeks and months. What could you achieve? Which changes could you recognize for you and your direct environment? Which influences were the most important for your current and future situation? What about your resources, you could engage, increase, enrich? What are your learnings, insights and what opportunities does your personal “new wisdom” offer?

A short look back

The 10th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto has passed with the year 2011.
And many good things have happened during these 12 months around agile methods and the agile mindset.

    • More great books on various Agile topics (just check Amazon for the keyword and the publish date)
    • More and new conferences (especially those following the barcamp-format)
    • increased focus on upcoming methodologies and practices (e.g. Kanban, Agile requirements etc.)
    • New cross-country networks (such as Agile Lean Europe, Coderetreat Community Fund)
    • And many new interesting client initiatives – markets are moving and keep adopting Agile approaches for their type of business

With an obvious danger for some sort of bias, I am confidently stating, that Agile concepts, methods and even mindsets have been well spreading and growing within many organizations, for teams and individuals. Even seeing companies like McKinsey or Accenture offering services in the field of Agile, seems to be an underpinning indicator for an increase in importance and demand.

A curious look ahead

Closing an old year with a positive look at our resources offers a good opportunity for drawing a short and interim personal “balance sheet” for ourselves. But this is just a snapshot, with a focus on your positive inventory of resources you have available. And whatever you were involved with, whatever you achieved, whatever you had to struggle with or fight for, you are in any case a person with a strong set of resources. This kept you moving to where you are today and – even more important – keeps you looking ahead into the future we will be building together.

For the field of Agile I do see many more things to come in 2012:

    • The year will start with a very interesting gathering in Stoos Switzerland about accelerating approaches for transformation of management and organizations towards new ways of collaboration
    • There will be even more debates about new ways to approach management, how to handle organizations and carry out initiatives such as projects … we might even argue about the term itself …
    • There will be new barcamp-like conferences spreading and there will be great successors of already existing formats – just to name a few: such as the ALE unconference 2012 (Barcelona), the XP conference and XP days, the Agile tour, Agile Coachcamps, Play for Agile, Coderetreats, conferences on Agile for specialized industries (e.g. medical) and many many more.
    • We will see further consolidation of methods and cases for Kanban, Agile requirements handling, lean approaches and there will be great new publications.
    • And there will be many new teams and individuals, who will start or continue their way on utilizing agile methods, fostering their agile mindset, simply elaborating ways for getting better results created with more fun.
    • And there is much more to come … there it is again, what keeps us moving as human beings … the unknown unknowns.

Besides the challenges we usually have to face during a year, we will still focus on the positive side, keep our eyes on solutions, because we know, that solution-talk serves as baseline for creating solutions.

So what an exciting year 2012 will be, even more exciting we can imagine – but don’t forget … the year will be as exciting as you let it evolve and finally make it happen for your friends, peers, teams and last but not least for yourself.

Happy New Year 2012!
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