ALE2011 Unconference: Raise your voice

The ALE2011 Unconference, the first big event of Agile Lean Europe, is rapidly approaching. On September 7th Berlin will see the startup of this gathering of people from various European countries, sharing, talking and working on any kind of Agile & Lean topics you might think about (see detailed content at:

ALE2011 is new in terms of it’s coverage – it’s not another conference possibly competing with any kind of existing XP-days, community events or other local happening. It’s part of a new experts ecosystem with Europe as it’s wide regional focus. While all those Agile and Lean events will of course stay in place, ALE2011 part of ALE will induce connectivity in-between all these other conferences – it will connect professionals as well as interested people around European countries. And it will foster sharing of knowledge, ideas and new concepts.

ALE as well as ALE2011 live from active participation. This relates to experts and also to existing agile communities in all the countries, as communities have been rapidly emerging over the past years due to the increasing interest in agile and lean methodologies for projects. Participation and active collaboration are vital for ALE’s understanding and attractiveness. The more you contribute, the more value you may expect to come back.

Therefore you and your community are invited to raise your voice – check out this video* and add your own:

(* sampled by Michael Laussegger with material from Agile Coachcamp Germany 2011, recorded by Juliane Conradt)

Share your vision and ideas. Make yourself heard in the European Agile & Lean community.
Join ALE and ALE2011.

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