ALE – What makes the difference?

There are already quite a few organizations, bodies and communities out there in the field, committed and working on Agile. However there is a new one in place – ALE = Agile Lean Europe.

ALE has a vision, it has more than 1000 interested and many many committed people allover Europe and since it’s creation some weeks ago it already has lot’s of acitivity ongoing.┬áBut even more than this … ALE is different …

So what’s the difference with ALE as we know it?

  • No body, no direct control – just volunteers on expert level, willing to collaborate & contribute
  • No prescribed methodology – just principally Lean & Agile and any kind of related topics of interest (and that’s dynamic)
  • No certificates – but certainly a network of professionals and experts joining based upon mutual trust
  • No regional limits (though focused on European areas) – so definitely focused on closing gaps in-between agile communities
  • No specified program – but open for contribution and committed people
  • No profit-orientation – but valuable to it’s stakeholders

ALE is probably different from what is currently available and from possibilities it offers. Check it out – be different too, join ALE and make it happen yourself – you probably won’t regret it.

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