ALE and ALE 2011 – A new Pan-European Network


A new and very exciting network of professionals and experts was born in May 2011. Following an initiative by Jurgen Appelo more than 1000 interested people followed his idea on LinkedIn to support a network of experts in agile & lean IT practices. Vital discussion lead to the decision upon a name  – ALE = Agile Lean Europe.

There was the idea of having a more focused platform in Europe besides the well-known for agile in the US such as Scrum Alliance or Agile Alliance. Anyway, different from already existing organizations, ALE should not be represented by a dedicated body, but rather serve as an open and dynamic platform of peers and committed individuals. Instead of having a governing body and dedicated staff in place, taking care for directions and decisions, ALE was based upon self-organization, mutual trust and motivated people cross Europe – open for new ideas, people and even change.

The chance was taken at the XP conference 2011 in Madrid to invite volunteers from many European countries to first gatherings, where the vision and initial topics of interest were created, discussed and kicked off. The results were amazing and powerful. And one of the outcomes was to follow-up with a first big meeting (finally declared as ALE 2011 unconference) very soon.

Watch the vision presentation after vision building

ALE 2011 was meant to be organized in a very short period of time: 3 months available for getting a professional event up and running. At this point ALE has been proven to work: 40 volunteering organizers from various countries are currently making this story happen. A story, which will continue boosting the ideas of ALE – a new pan-European network. And I am proud and excited having been part of it’s foundation and motivated to support it’s further process of growing.

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