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ALE – What makes the difference?

There are already quite a few organizations, bodies and communities out there in the field, committed and working on Agile. However there is a new one in place – ALE = Agile Lean Europe. ALE has a vision, it has more than 1000 interested and many many committed people allover Europe and since it’s creation some weeks ago it already has lot’s of acitivity ongoing. But even more than this … ALE is different … So what’s the difference with ALE as we know it? No … Continue reading

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Agile Lean Europe – Why ALE might matter to you!

I joined the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network early this year, when it was founded. And I am excited being involved with it’s current growing by means of it’s first event (ALE 2011) and supporting it’s spreading in my regional environment (community, customers, research). The ALE-story is evolving and it’s worthwhile staying tuned or even coming on board. Let’s go for Agile Ten years after the foundation of the agile manifesto, “Agile” seems to have reached some sort of establishment, maybe even hype. Many success … Continue reading

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ALE and ALE 2011 – A new Pan-European Network

A new and very exciting network of professionals and experts was born in May 2011. Following an initiative by Jurgen Appelo more than 1000 interested people followed his idea on LinkedIn to support a network of experts in agile & lean IT practices. Vital discussion lead to the decision upon a name  – ALE = Agile Lean Europe. There was the idea of having a more focused platform in Europe besides the well-known for agile in the US such as Scrum Alliance or Agile Alliance. … Continue reading

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